Cheesecake and Clydesdales

Not everyone is up to the task of being a draft horse owner. These massive beasts have special needs and quirks that require a unique kind of human who’s equipped to handle them. They’re not right for everyone, but here’s a checklist to help you determine if you’ve got what it takes.

  1. Do you have the balance to use anything and everything as a stool?

milk crateJust grooming these monsters can be an uphill climb if you’re vertically challenged. Whether you’re clipping a bridle path, braiding a forelock, giving them wormer or even just trying to brush the dust off their rump, make sure there’s something you can stand on nearby. My stool of choice is the good ole milk crate. Don’t leave home without it!

  1. Are your stalls and alleyways extra wide?

Every heard that country song by the Willis Brothers, Give Me 40 Acres (and I’ll turn this rig…

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