An excellent post by Eva Hughes, originally on Facebook:

I don’t casually call people “greedy.”

I had a watershed moment sometime during the 1980s, standing out on the carriage line talking to my friend Steve Byers (who I really miss and cannot find anywhere on social media.) Steve was a confirmed Ayn Randian…as we discussed the topic of greed as related to some topical news story of the day, Steve said, “But what is “greed”? To me, greed is when you want or take something you didn’t work for, or when you want or take something that belongs to someone else, who worked for what they have.”

That has always stuck with me; if not perhaps the entire meaning of greed, certainly it is the bedrock of the concept.

That is what the radical animal rights activists are who are trying to shut down my beloved carriage industry. They’re greedy. My friend Thomas Kirby germinated that idea in my head, and tying it together with what Steve said all those years ago, it makes perfect sense.

That determination might not be apparent if you have just arrived on the RARA scene, or are new to the issues they create. But essentially, they see something that they CAN’T HAVE; in my situation it is the particular bond between working horse & driver, and the spot that we occupy in this world. Since they can’t have what I have – because of the bizarre life-code that they have created for themselves and try to live by – they want to TAKE IT from ME. And in a more concrete way, they also want to take REAL horses, OUR horses – yes, they want them under THEIR control, they have even written it right into the legislation to ban my business.

Yes, they covet without WORK – they are greedy.

Oh, there is the traditional “greed” involved as well – greedy real estate developers, greedy politicians, greedy hired guns – but I think that other kind of greed, being more subtle and less obvious – is a whole helluva lot more sinister.

Oh, and BTW? They’ll NEVER get their greedy little hands on our horses