At the heart of every controversy, it’s all about power.

All of it.

There are those who have it, and those who don’t. Some in power use it benignly, or even benevolently.

But then there the ones who have power, and who use it to oppress others; to bend the will of the powerless and force them to comply to live the way those with the power think they should, for whatever reason.

This is evil. It is happening everywhere.

It is happening to me and my family right this moment, as a cabal of deep-pocketed businessmen and lunatic animal rights activists have successfully conspired to raise millions of dollars based on lies and deceptions to wrest our family business of 32 years away from us without due process.

This is being done under the banner of “Progressivism.” Our new mayor was swept into power with the enormous help these people provided for his campaign. They have erected a thick veneer of populist sentiment in their campaign to cover all manner of sins, including lies, malfeasance of funds, and election tampering.

The abject vilification and marginalization of good, working class people woven into their propaganda would make Goebbels proud; people routinely call for our arrest and imprisonment, and wish injury and even death on us. They shut down all dissent, deleting and banning anyone who does not toe their line in their appreciable social media presence. Keeping a tight rein on the message while stoking the flames of hatred against us, they move forward, gaining more power everyday.

NYC’s new mayor is 100% complicit in this; he walked into this with eyes wide open, he knows the truth. Yet this “progressive”, this “mayor for all New Yorkers”, this “man of the people” has sacrificed 200 working families who are stewards of a beloved and iconic business for political expediency – and lots and lots of cash – with a cynical casualness that makes my blood run cold.

Real Progressives should be outraged by this. Conservatives should be outraged by this. People of no political persuasion should be outraged by this. It goes against EVERYTHING that is deemed good and desirable by our society, and it is a microcosm of much that is wrong all across the country.

I am asking you all to please help, to pay attention to this, to raise your voice in outraged opposition. Share this status; write a letter to the editor of any newspaper; write a letter to the new mayor; follow and RT me on Twitter @michaleenflynn; like and follow The Famous Horse Drawn Carriages of Central Park page (, and when later this week on that page we launch our new website, “Save the NYC Horse Carriages”, click on it, and share it.

What is being perpetrated on the NYC carriage family is wrong. It is evil. Real people and their horses will suffer. We need your help.

Thank you.

Eva Hughes

Vice President Horse and Carriage Association of New York City