Why, EXACTLY, does Mr. de Blasio want to put a well-regulated industry like the NYC carriage horses, an industry that supports not just the owners and drivers, but also vets, farriers, carriage builders, tack shops, etc, as well as hundreds of horses, out of business?

Mr. de Blasio claims he is for the “little guy” and yet he has teamed up with NYCLASS, headed by real estate developer Steve Nislick, and the comically mis-named “New York City Is Not For Sale”, also headed by Mr. Nislick, to try and force the end of the NYC carriage horse industry, entirely made up of small businesses, based on false allegations, all because Mr. Nislick wants the property upon which the carriage stables are located.

So, which is it Mr. de Blasio? Are you really for a fair and level playing field or are you for the selling of NYC to the highest bidder?

And why would the city want to be seen as even a little bit anti-business? How does this make any sense in the current economic climate? Can the city afford to have this many additional people out of work?

If I owned a business in NYC, no matter my personal opinion about the NYC carriage horses, this would concern me deeply. Less people working, businesses thrown aside even with NO EVIDENCE OF WRONGDOING, means more taxes for everyone else. How does that equal a better future for any New Yorker?