Be a ClipClopNYC® Booster!

If you cannot make it to our event this year, or if you can only attend our free stable tour & lunch on Saturday afternoon, and you believe in OUR mission to help Blue Star Equiculture in THEIRS, now you can be a ClipClopNYC® Booster and help to make our event a success!

Donate $50 at the link below as a Booster, and we will list your name in our program as an event sponsor, and as a small token, the Horse & Carriage Assoc of NYC will send you a BSE “Share the Road, Horses Paved the Way” bumper sticker 🙂

So many people have expressed support for our event, while expressing regret for not being able to celebrate with us – this is your chance to be a part of it and make a difference for urban horses!

Many thanx!!