This was a note posted on Facebook by the wife of one of the carriage drivers – the video is simply vile, but it shows very well what the carriage folks are up against:

I am trying very hard to remain calm about a situation that I cannot control, and one which the authorities will not help with.

My husband took a family with young children for a carriage ride yesterday. Nothing unusual about that, as a large percentage of the folks who come for rides are families with children.

But these folks were from Newtown, Connecticut.

The father told my husband that they booked a few nights in NYC so that the kids could get a break from the non-stop media presence that is still there, the daily funerals and processions, and the general solemn and somber atmosphere that he thought was too much for them.

He also said that other families he knew of were also planning to come to NYC for a couple days over the weekend and through Christmas, for the same reason – the kids.

Well, if those folks come to NYC and want to treat their children to a carriage ride to brighten their day, there is a good chance they will be accosted by the miserable, vile, despicable, sick maniacs who call themselves “animal rights” people who will be protesting the carriages all weekend and into next week. These folks and their children will be greeted by lunatics waving poster-sized photos of old and rare carriage accidents, dead horses, blood and wreckage. They shout and chant into their faces things like “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME ON YOU!”, and “THE BLOOD, THE BLOOD, THE BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS”. They ESPECIALLY target families with small children, because they say the kids are more ‘sensitive’, and they have a better chance of influencing them.

This insanity goes UNCHECKED by the NYPD or the Parks Dept; they cite their First Amendment rights because they simply do not want to deal with them. We have pleaded with them for YEARS to just PUSH THEM BACK a few yards or across the street so that they cannot get into the people’s faces, all to no avail.

So, families with children who have endured the unimaginable will arrive here for a respite, only to be met by demons from hell.

Just in case you think I am exaggerating, here is a video from WPIX showing what they are like: