Warning: Details of animal cruelty may be too disturbing for sensitive readers.

Everyone knows that there is a long standing culture of neglect, abuse and killing at the Memphis pound.  We, as members of the public, have observed countless webcam images, read numerous shelter records and watched many video clips confirming this culture.  Those on staff there know it too – either through participation or observation.  Authorities know it, as evidenced by the arrests and animal cruelty charges against 7 employees, including management, within the last 3 years.  City politicians know it but instead of addressing the issues have resorted to denials, cover ups and threats for the bulk of the wrongdoing while hypocritically touting their diligent pursuit of the truth every time another criminal gets caught hurting pets at the pound.

Despite the common knowledge of this culture of neglect, abuse and killing at MAS, those in positions of…

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