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Why Animal Rights Activists Can’t Resist the Personal Attack.

What’s startling is how ugly they are, and how quickly they get that way. You’d think people who purport to love animals would be  reasonably companionable with each other, but if you thought that, you’d be wrong. If you aren’t in lockstep with the beliefs of the Animal Rights crowd, well clearly you then are one of the “exploiters”, with a puppy mill in your backyard or veal calves stacked to the rafters in your suburban garage. Common sense never enters the picture.

Sometimes it’s almost laughable. In the online comment section to any news story about the abuse and death of a dog or cat, you will read suggestions that the same fate should befall the abuser, which is simply an utter failure in logic. Often those suggesting the mutilation, starvation and imprisonment and/or death of the sorry human responsible…

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